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The leading provider of professional messengers in Santa Monica and to surrounding cities.  At ECS we understand the business of delivery and know how critical your time sensitive package is to your business.  Since 1999 Santa Monica Messenger -ECS has been dedicated to providing top quality customer service to all our clients and as always we ensure that your time sensitive packages reach its destination on time.  Our fleet of motorcycle messengers can move throughout the city with ease even during heavy traffic hours.  Whether you are a law office in need of a court filing, a production studio in need of a timely delivery, or a medical provider in need of an urgent door to door delivery we are here to get it done.  If you are looking for a professional and reliable messenger service without all the hassles, ECS is the company for your.  See for yourself why some of the biggest names in business rely on us for their messenger service.     

Court Filing Service    

We provide court filing service for Law Offices in Santa Monica and surrounding areas.  Direct from your office to the courthouse of your choice.  At ECS we understand the need for an urgent court filing and legal delivery service.  Reliable and professional, experience the difference, we get it done.  Whether you are a sole practioner, mid-size or large-size law firm we are here to support your team.  Our area coverage includes Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Orange County and surrounding cities.         

Process Service  

Registered Process Service for all document services.  We serve legal documents including: Divorce, Civil, Small Claims, Family Law, Bank Levy, 3 Day Notice and much more.

Post Production Delivery

We understand post production delivery needs and that is why we provide your studio with the most reliable and urgent delivery service available.  Last minute edits, early or late deliveries, we are here to support your production team.  Santa Monica Messenger - ECS provides post production delivery service to studios of all sizes.  At ECS we are also known for providing messenger service for major event shows in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and surrounding areas.  When every minute counts, we can get your package delivered without all the hassle and stress of sitting in traffic and ensure you and your company has a head start on the competition.                 

Medical Delivery

When you require urgent delivery of medical supplies, equipment, prescription medicine or lab specimens, we will provide you with urgent and direct door to door delivery service.  We provide services 7 days a week to our account clients and ensure that their urgent medical delivery gets to where it needs.  Medical Delivery Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Bevelry Hills, Glendale, Torrance, San Diego and all surrounding locations.  With laboratory delivery service that you and your patients' deserve and need to experience.  ECS is the choice of major laboratories, hospitals and clinics that require delivery service in Santa Monica

We invite your company to experience the difference in the service we provide from pick-up to delivery. 

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